Yoga In Oswego is now part of the Heritage YMCA!!

          From this point forward, there is a small monthly fee, either individual or family, and all classes are FREE, except for the "Group Personal Training, like Kettle Bells & Pumped-Up"!  I have attached the new schedule and highlighted my own classes for you.  The other instructors at the YMCA are fabulous and I know you will have a good time trying them all.  

          The cardio room is clean and filled with all types of machines including circuit weights.  There is a more extensive weight room downstairs as well as a supervised “Teen Center”, child care center, open gym and games for kids to do while we work out.  My kids were thrilled to know that the YMCA would take them through a learning day so they could use the equipment and even join me in the aerobics room for classes if they chose to do so.

          We are looking to “convert” one of their rooms into a Yoga Studio which will open up a lot more time slots in the larger studio at Heritage.  Stay tuned for details about that!!! Until that is situated classes will be held in the Group Exercise Studio as well as the ATA room downstairs.

Here's the Schedule:  2014 Winter Schedule

I have highlighted the classes that will be taught by me personally for your convenience.

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